About Us

We (Mr. Mularella and Mr. Pizzuto) are the Technology Teacher Leaders (TTLs) for Oak Middle School in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

As part of our commitment to helping our colleagues learn about and embrace the use of technology in the classroom, we will email weekly "tech tips" to Sherwood and Oak Middle School teachers. Each technology tip will also be saved here on this blog, along with recommendations and additional resources.

We are available to give more personal tutorials with any of these tools during our free preps during the day or after school with advanced notice. We will try to have more formal after school workshops on some of the more popular tools. Also, we would love for other teachers to write a "guest" post to share how they are using a type of technology in class. You could send out the tech tip for the week and send us the info to post here on the blog.

Please leave comments with any questions or suggestions that you may have!