Saturday, September 17, 2011

Making passwords easier to remember

How many passwords do you have to remember?  Between school sites, various home bill and credit card sites (not to mention fantasy football leagues) most of us have well over a dozen passwords to remember... Many people cycle through the same couple ones, depending on the site.

How often have you forgotten a password?

Here’s a simple way to keep all your passwords random – difficult to hack – yet easy to remember:

Choose a word with a capital letter, and a random number.  This becomes the base for all your passwords.  Between the word and the number, insert the initials of the site or service.

For example, if you chose “Firetruck 284”  your password for Verizon would be FiretruckV284...for Xfinity it would be FiretruckX284.  Simple to remember – a word and number – but different for every site.  The mix of characters – letters and numbers, capital and lower case, keeps it random enough to protect your identity.

Managing your passwords

If you already use numerous passwords and have trouble remembering them all, there are numerous applications for computers and smart phones that help you manage all of this important information. I use an app called Msecure that can be used on a Mac/PC and any Android or iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad). It does cost money ($7), but I use it to manage all of my passwords, usernames, credit card information, membership numbers, and just about anything else I ever need. Another option is to make a file or an entire folder on your computer password-protected so only you can access it.

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