Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Printing Double-Sided Papers

 Do you make double-sided copies when you photocopy assignments for your students? If not, you should!

As Oak and Sherwood both attempt to limit paper consumption for communication and assignment purposes, we have a responsibility to consume only what we need. Making double-sided copies conserves paper. I know many teachers who cringe at the sight of a packet being copied with only one side being used. If you do only need one side, you can encourage students to use the other side as scrap paper, a drawing, or some reflection.

While I am not sure about the printers at Sherwood, many of the Oak printers are capable of printing on both sides of the paper. This is especially helpful if you need to print multiple pages. If you are unsure how to do this, follow these steps below. I have also attached a screen shot of the printing menu for your convenience.

1. Open up the document of your choice and click “Print”.

2. When the printer window pops up, click where it says “Copies and Pages”.

3. Choose “Layout”.

4. Next to where it says “Two-Sided”, choose “Long-Edge Binding”.

5. Hit “Print”. Voila!

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