Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Save email space - don't attach it, beam it!

Tired of having your inbox clogged by a couple of big files?

Here's an easy way to share those files and pictures with everyone, without having Outlook choke: 

What is it? Just Beam It is a VERY simple way to share files with anyone and everyone, using Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer.
All you do is go to justbeamit.com -- there, you'll see an interactive box:

All you need to do is one of two things: in Chrome or Firefox, open the spot where you have the file saved and drag it into that window.  Otherwise, click on "select a file to beam" and click the file in your directory.  The app then uploads the file - up to 2 gigs in size - and gives you a link that people can use to access it:

You just save the link, and you can send it to anyone and everyone - it takes up no space, and those who want the file can download it... leaving their inbox free from large files.

So... next time, don't "alloak" or "allsherood" that big file - beam the link!

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Derek & Jeremy

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