Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Scan a document on our copiers!

Need to create a PDF of a document you have?  Looking to save a digital copy of some paper?  You can do this on our new copiers (in the main office, the copy room, or room 404) - all you need is a flash drive!

Here's how to do it:

First off, place your document on the copier, as if you were making copies.

Next, select "scan" on the top menu.

 Select the middle button on the menu that pops up - it says "File / USB."

 Next, make sure you have a USB flash drive.  You'll be storing any PDFs or images you create on it.  When facing the copier, the USB connector is on the right side, near the top front corner.  Just insert the flash into the slot.

 A message should now come up, saying "Found USB Device."  On the next menu, select the USB Media option.

On this same menu, you can select to save it as a picture (TIFF) or PDF file.

Click File Name to change the name of the file.

The last column, Multi / Single has a very specific function:
[MULTI]—Press this button to store your scan as a multiple page file. When you scan several pages, the
equipment stores all the pages as a single file.
[SINGLE]—Press this button to store your scan as a single file for each page. When you scan several pages, the equipment stores each page as a separate file.

Once you're set with the options, click OK.

This brings you back to the main menu.  Click "scan" and you're all set!

If this menu comes up, you can put a new sheet on the scanner and then hit continue, or select "Job Finish" when the last page is done.

That's it -- remove your flash drive, and you can now store your PDFs / images wherever you need them!

For additional documentation, go here:  http://www.zoomcopiers.com/media/manuals/Scanning%20Guide8.pdf 


Derek & Jeremy

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