Monday, January 21, 2013

Boston Bruins I.C.E. School

While happily watching the first Bruins game of the season Saturday night, there were a few ads for the new Boston Bruins I.C.E. School. Curious, I hopped online and navigated my way to the I.C.E. School program website. It offers some pretty great FREE curriculum materials for grades K-8. There is an online form you must fill out in order to access the materials.

As you can see in the screen shot below, curriculum resources are sorted by  grade and subject. Sherwood teachers can find ELA, Math, and Science material while Oak teachers can access Math materials, many of which could also be used in 8th grade Science classes.

In addition to the core classes, there are also curriculum materials available for French, PE, and "Miscellaneous" materials that focus on teambuilding and school climate. Why should you consider the curriculum created by the Boston Bruins I.C.E. School? It makes learning fun and relevant, especially for students who are hockey fans!

Here is a sampling of the Bruins I.C.E. School curriculum...

Grade 6 ELA

Lesson 1:  Hockey -- The Basics
Lesson 2: The Bruins in Action
Lesson 3: Perspectives in Hockey
Lesson 4: Accuracy in Reporting
Lesson 5: MVP
Lesson 6: Bruins Hall of Fame

Grade 7 Math

Lesson 1: Rate of Speed 
Lesson 2: Reaction Time 
Lesson 3: Building a Stadium 
Lesson 4: Passing Angle 
Lesson 5: Goalie Angles 

Grade 8 Math

Lesson 1: Area and Volume of a Cylinder
Lesson 2: Using and Applying the Pythagorean Theorem
Lesson 3: Investigating patterns of association in bivariate data
Lesson 4: Investigating patterns of association in bivariate data
Lesson 5: Understanding the connections between proportional relationships 


Lesson 1:  Countries and provinces  (nationalities, languages)
Lesson 2:  Verb : “ĂȘtre”
Lesson 3:  Adjectives
Lesson 4:  Colors
Lesson 5:  -er verbs
Lesson 6:  Hockey terminology - nouns
Lesson 7:  Reading comprehension and Composition

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