Friday, August 23, 2013

Create classroom posters from any saved image...

Here we are, at the end of August, when our thoughts turn to the start of the football season - er, I mean setting up our classrooms.  What better time to share a simple tool that can be put to immediate use as you unpack those boxes and start covering those bare walls?

Many times, I've stumbled across some cool image or a great quote that I'd like to turn into a poster.... for example, a friend of mine recently shared a Shakespearean rewrite of the Hokey Pokey with me... so, I typed it into an art program, gave it a background, and made this:

Nice, but it was 11 x 8 - only big enough for the nearest student to read, and totally unsuitable for my wall.

Trying to print it large size can be done by some printers and programs, but fiddling with the settings can be tricky.

This is where Block Posters comes in.

In three simple steps, it can take any file up to 1 MB in size and convert it into a poster that you can print, trim, and then use.

Here's how it works:

First, when you go to the site, it will ask for the file you wish to "posterize."

Next, it will ask you for the size of the poster you wish to create.  You choose how many 8.5 x 11  (or A4) pages wide your poster should be, and whether you want it oriented as portrait or landscape.  It then shows you how the image will print (as seen on the left, below) and the actual size the poster will be when assembled (at the bottom, on the right).

Once you click "continue," the site constructs the new image and saves it as a PDF.  It then gives you a clickable link to download your finished poster.

Print it, trim it, and assemble it -- finished!  I prefer to use glue sticks to assemble mine, and then run it through the laminator we have in the copy room.  Want to see what the finished products look like?  Come by room 309 - I have 2 posters up now, which I made through this service.

Per usual, if you have any questions, email us, post comments, or stop by.


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