Monday, September 24, 2012

Improve your tech skills with free guides

Looking to get better at using some of the tools you already have on your system, or looking to explore how to use something like Evernote or Dropbox?  Then hop on over to....

This handy tech site offers some very good material to help you make better use of the technology you have.  Here's what they offer:

Pages dedicated to recommended apps and plugins, sorted by the type of device - looking for add-ons for your browser?  apps for your IPhone or IPad, or Android?  They post what they see as the most productive / interesting, sorted into categories for each device.

 They also have free guides to popular tools, programs, and devices... including the three you see below.  Looking to refine your web browser to make it faster, or get better at Photoshop or Office?  They have downloadable manuals in PDF form.

They also have some handy, printable cheat sheets that you can use to get better at using specific apps and programs, like this Google Doc Cheatsheet - it gives you keyboard shortcuts that can make you a bit more efficient when navigating through the menus.

It is free to register on the site, and they don't charge for any of their items -- in fact, just enter the password "makeuseof" - not terribly clever, I know - and all of their content is at your fingertips!

Per usual, visit our blog for details on all of our tips, and let us know if you have any questions or need help with anything.  See something you think we should share?  Let us know!


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